About Those Brakes
Brake system design, function and efficiency – Howard Eckstein

How a Model A Breathes
Manifold & exhaust design translates to power – Howard Eckstein

Death Wobble
Causes and fixes for the death wobble – Howard Eckstein

Model A Brake Drums
Attributes of brake drums, cast iron vs steel – Howard Eckstein

Second Gear Jump
Causes of gear jump, transmission wear & alignment – Howard Eckstein

Spark Plugs
Spark plug function, heat ranges & ignition health – Howard Eckstein

Science of Gasoline
The role of gasoline in the Model A – Howard Eckstein

Timing a Model A
Theory and science of timing the Model A – Howard Eckstein

Model A Build Date
Finding your Model A’s birth date – Clyde Munson

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