Here are some tech articles that may be of some help.

Model A Brake Drums
Characteristics, metallurgy and design of brake drums- by Howard Eckstein

About Those Brakes
Design and operation of the brake system- by Howard Eckstein

The Death Wobble
Causes & fixes of the Model A death wobble- by Howard Eckstein

Science of Gasoline
The role of gasoline in our cars- by Howard Eckstein

Timing a Model A
Principles, theory and application of timing- by Howard Eckstein

How a Model A Breathes
Engineering & design of the intake and exhaust system- by Howard Eckstein

Identifying your Model A’s Birthday
Finding an approximate build date of your Model A- by Clyde Munson

When Spark Plugs Cry Foul
Function of a spark plug, plug gap, heat ranges and carbon buildup- by Howard Eckstein

Second Gear Jump
A look at the causes of the transmission jumping out of 2nd gear – by Howard Eckstein


Tech Links
Topics relating to the history & technical restoration of 1928 – 1934 Model A, AA, B & BB
Santa Anita A’s member Tom Endy’s list of comprehensive technical articles

Point Gap – .018″ – .022″
  Plug Gap – .035″
  Tire Pressure – 35 psi
  Oil Capacity – 5 qts.
  Transmission – 1 pint
  Rear Axle – 1 1/2 pints
  Steering Gear
     7 tooth – 7 3/4 oz.
     2 tooth – 4 1/2 oz.
  Fuel Capacity
     1928/29 – 10 gal.
     1930/31 – 11 gal.
  Water Capacity – 3 gal.
  Battery Ground – positive +
  Firing Order – 1, 2, 4, 3
  Tappet Clearance
     Exhaust – .015″
     Intake – .013″
  Fan Belt (Gates) – No. 700
  Head Bolts – 50-55 ft.-lbf
  Manifold nuts– 50-55 ft.-lbf
  Rear axle shaft nut – 100 ft.-lbf


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