Christmas Light Tour 2017

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There is no doubt that the holidays provide for some of the best times of the year. For many of us however, all of the hustle and bustle can prevent us from enjoying those joyous moments. It isn’t until after the holidays when things start slowing down that we are actually able to relax and enjoy what is left of the festivities. Our Christmas Light tour is a perfect way that we can extend the season while at a much more calm and relaxed pace. After all, what better way to enjoy Christmas lights than through the fogged up windows of your Model A? This year visibility through the windshield was actually not a problem thanks to the beautiful weather that we have had.

We met up in Springville; Munson’s, Mack’s, Davis’, Eckstein’s and Thompson’s all attended. Thompson’s even brought their Model A up from Manti, now that is dedication! Despite the fact that his car is all tucked away for the winter, Tony even came down to see us off, thanks Tony!

Each car was decorated to one extent or another, some sported bows and wreaths, while others had colorful lights running down the fenders and running boards and even some lights tucked neatly away up on the drip rails. Clyde outfitted Henry with a radioactive wreath. It’s neon glow could surely be seen for miles. I dare say that there was no room for any more lights on his wreath. If Rudolph had of been unavailable, Santa would have for sure picked Henry for the job.

With the weather being so nice we opted to visit Salem Ponds. Our festive little caravan of lights made its way through Springville, Spanish Fork and down to the quiet town of Salem. Being so late in the season only half of the pond was lit. It was not as majestic as years past but it was still a nice site to see with the lights gracefully floating out on the pond creating beautiful reflections on the surface of the water. The manger at the far end of the pond allowed us for a small moment to reflect on the true meaning of the season and reminded us of how blessed we truly are.

Our next stop was the Spanish Fork Festival of Lights. With it being the second to last day of the festival, most of us figured we would have the park all to ourselves. The word must have gotten out however that we were coming as there was a nice long line of cars welcoming us at the entrance. Little did these folks know that tonight they were getting two shows for the price of one. I am still with Howard on his opinion that we should get in free as we really add that unique touch to the event. The shouts, waves and thumbs up coming from the other cars confirmed us of their approval of our mini mobile light show. The displays in the park were enchanting! The road was lined with lights and featured animated figures ranging from elves to polar bears and even some dinosaurs. Christmas music played in the background as we drove past the various displays, and the tunnels of lights really made our cars shine as they transported us into a magical world of lights! One of the best views however was that of the Model A’s reflecting in the rear view mirror. A site that will probably never get old.

The final and most important stop of the night was the one for dinner. We finished up the night talking about cars and solving the mystery of the ‘half lit Tudor’. What a great way to wrap up another successful year of Model A tours and outings. Happy New Year!

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