Spring City Heritage Day Tour

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Seven thirty in the morning and the sun is already up and working hard. Fumes from rich or lean carburetors permeate the morning air. Nine beautiful Model A’s are lined up in the Shopko parking lot, all gassed up, water fed, and oil a drippin’. As on lookers pass by with smiles, waves, and honks, the crew saddles up for the awaiting adventure ahead. The Model A’s come alive as the engines are revved fiercely as if they were lions, but only the sound of a little lamb is produced…putter-putter.

After leaving at our assigned time, we hit the open road. There’s nothing more exciting to me than being in a caravan of classic Model A’s. With the combination of old, beautiful, classic cars and people on the side of the streets, surprised at the wonderment they just saw, my chest puffs up with pride. “I’m a part of this club, and I’m proud of it.” We traveled at a “quick” pace of 40-45 mph and enjoyed the wind in our face and the purr of our engines. We stopped in Nephi to get some go-go juice for our cars and a potty break. Then we were back on the road. We were making good time! As we neared the top of the canyon, it brought back memories of the last time I was here. I down-shifted in my dad’s Model A and spun the inner tube causing us to have a flat tire. In remembrance of this incident, I honked the horn in tribute.

We got to Ephraim where we met up with Bill and Collette. They directed us to the staging area for the parade. We had a great time in the parade, but felt bad not having any candy to throw. How quickly I forgot how great these small-town parades are when you move to the big city. I remember as a kid from a small town, I didn’t care about who or what was in the parade; I cared about how much candy I would get.

After the parade, we gathered the troops back together and headed for our destination – Spring City!
Spring City is a quaint little town, with a population of 956 full time residence. It is packed with history and hometown values. The town is now on the National Register of Historic Places along with the
famous Gettysburg, Hoover Dam, Harpers Ferry, and the Erie Canal, just to name a few.

Our first stop was the famous Spring City Historic Stake Center. Upon entering town, cars were stuffed along the side of the road and folks flocking from one historic structure to another. We seemed to be a big hit as we drove in with our beautiful historic cars. The town seemed to freeze in place as we entered, and smiles and waves began to spread as we reached the Stake Center. Allison and I were quickly greeted by the VP of “Friends of Historic Spring City”. He explained how excited his committee was to see us, how we really set the mood, and invited us back for many more years to come. It’s always nice to feel so welcomed!

We enjoyed our famous Norbest turkey lunch from the youth of an LDS ward for a fundraiser. Then we began our historic tour. We were able to see some wonderful examples of the Mormon pioneer ingenuity and architecture. We were able to tour beautiful homes as old as 1859, as well as the Strates Garage which was built in 1919. It has now been converted into an art gallery. We also got to tour the Bishop’s Storehouse, which I found out was never really a house. They never built a kitchen or bedrooms. All the rooms were built for storing food and other items. The storehouse was built back in 1905 and wonderfully restored. We even got to tour a home built in 2016. This home was patterned after several historic homes in Spring City with the intent of having it compliment the historic district. We also met a gentleman that had a 1929 Tudor that was owned by Jerry Seiner. We had a wonderful conversation about the history of his car.

Our deadline of 4:00 quickly approached, and we met the group back at the church. We saddled up again, to make the journey home. Along the way, we stopped at the Red Barn in Santaquin for some ice cream. We arrived back home without any breakdowns or problems, which I think is a new club record. Seeing these wonderful pioneer homes was a treat, and I thoroughly loved it.

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