Photo Scavenger Hunt ’17

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A cold, rainy morning dawned on the day designated for our annual Model A Photo Scavenger Hunt, and yet, as if divinely mandated, the rain stopped as the Utah Valley Model A Club saddled up and headed for its first surprise stop, AAA Lakeside Storage. And what a surprise it was. There among the storage units was a vast and varied collection of vintage signs, gas pumps, model A’s, airplanes and even a Superman phone booth!

 It seems that over the last five years, Sparky Sparks made it his mission to collect as many old signs and gas pumps as he could (his goal is 100). He searched the Internet, attended swap meets and created an incomparable collection of every sign and gas pump imaginable. From Conoco, Texaco, Amoco, Utoco, to Sinclair, Skelly, Fire Chief and Mobile; you name it, he had it. And the vintage gas pumps almost outnumbered the signs. The gas pump’s antiquity was manifested by their rusty appearance, but the rust and fading, chipped paint only added to their charm. They sported old familiar names like Skychief, Mohawk, Frontier and Red Indian Gas. And had they been operational, we would have seen the need for pumping the gas via a pump handle before putting the gas nozzle into the car.

After admiring Sparky’s collection, Clyde and Jenn handed each team a list of 23 photo opportunities for our scavenger hunt. Howard and Gemma used their visit to AAA expeditiously by finding 6 of the required photos on-site, including taking a picture “of something made to look larger than life” (a carousel horse) and taking a picture “of your car in the same frame as a bell” (Bell Telephone Booth). They enlisted the help of a grounds keeper at the Provo Pioneer Village, who suspiciously questioned their reason for their visit. After explaining that they needed to “take a picture of two things that rhymed,” the gentleman pointed to the old wagon wheel leaning against the pioneer cabin, then pointed to Gemma’s shoe and said, “Wheel, heel.” Done. Howard thinks that the grounds keeper probably belongs to the MENSA group.

One of the harder photo ops was to take a picture of a bear. Reid and Elaine found a stuffed bear in the BYU Bookstore, while Robert, Greg and Allison made the trip to the Bean Museum for their bear. Nicholas and his crew took a picture of the Charmin Toilet Paper bear, and Howard and Gemma found a multitude of bears at the Black Bear Diner.

Creating a phrase using candy bars was a challenge as well. The Carlson’s came up with, “1000 Grand, That’s It, Baby Ruth.” Grant and Angie spelled out “ Octopus Kisses Swedish Fish.” But Nicholas, Timothy and Tim’s friend excelled with “Mr. Goodbar Take 5 Turtles.”

The Carlson’s found their picture of someone “eating an ice cream cone” at a yogurt shop (does yogurt count?). Greg went to McDonald’s for his ice cream with a cherry on top, and Jan and Wayne Atkinson stopped by Baskin Robbins for their ice cream treat.

There weren’t too many who found a “street name that is a verb,” but Clyde and Jenn used Center Street for their verb, and Nicholas’ team found Park Street. Clyde found gassing up his car with “exactly 1 gallon” a little troublesome, but everyone excelled with the “duck face” picture. I am sure if you can coax a few into showing you their pix, you might have quite the belly-laugh

I think most everyone had a great time! The Carlson’s were just glad that their car didn’t break down, while a few others wished they had brought their cars. Nicholas loved the old signs and gas pumps saying that it helped him “imagine a simpler time of life,” and Greg just loved the chance to drive that old Model A. Thank you Clyde and Jenn for another great activity!!

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