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Anyone who is familiar with the propensity of the members of the Utah Valley Model A Club to want to eat will not be surprised by our February activity.

February is a cold month in Utah and on a 30-odd degree damp evening, twenty hungry Model A
enthusiasts came to an indoor event at Chao’s Asian Market in Orem, UT. Here we were hosted by Chao’s owner, Ernie Silva who conducted a cooking class where we all made as much tonkatsu as we could eat.
Tonkatsu is a dish made of pork loin coated in flour, egg and panko bread crumbs which is then fried in deep oil. The result is a nice crispy lean pork Japanese comfort food drizzled with sweet spicy fruit sauce. With tasty brown rice, Korean noodles and Ernie’s aunt’s Asian coleslaw, our plates were full of the flavors of the Orient.

It’s amazing how a fine dining experience devolves into a discussion of proper clutch adjustments, an un- cracked engine block search and the prospect that one of the wives in the club is writing an article for an upcoming newsletter article about her experiences as a “Model A Widow”. The nice thing about this event, besides the socializing and the parking of our cars in front, was its fund raising aspect. Ernie holds these cooking classes for the purpose of raising money for those in need. They use this money for the building of schools and other structures in 3rd world countries. All of the proceeds of Chao’s cooking classes go to this organization.

Many of the wives in attendance trolled the aisles of the market, filling their baskets with Asian goodies to take home for exciting upcoming meals they now have planned. The men who went shopping just bought sweet crackers and candy which is the limit of most men’s imagination in a place like this.

Thanks to Ernie Silva of Chao’s Asian Market for putting this event on for us. This was a great winter club activity.

Chao’s Asian Market

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