2016 Christmas Light Tour

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This year’s Christmas Lights Tour turned out to be a great success. We had eight Model A’s drive the course. Most were decked out in colorful lights, attracting the curiosity of passers-by who pulled into our staging area to snap some photos. You might call this an after-dark, impromptu, frozen, illuminated car show.

Folks from the north part of the valley met at the Provo Allen’s. In the mean time, the parking lot of the Springville Allen’s was filling up with five Model A’s. A new driver joined us on this adventure: Stevan Davis who was driving his dad’s Coupe. This was likely Stevan’s first outing of any considerable distance with the car. Our hats go off to him for choosing a frozen December night for a maiden cruise in a Model A he was unfamiliar with. Stevan embarked upon a voyage of discovery evidenced by his observation that the Model A gets anxious about driving too slow. This reporter believes Stevan is a natural with the Model A, as he didn’t stall, break down, or require roadside driver training on this trip.

We shoved off from the Springville Allen’s parking lot at about 8:00 and stayed together in a brightly- colored line through town onto Highway 89 south to Spanish Fork. This is where the Festival of Lights is located. The city has put up a nice drive-through light display that seems to improve each year. You’d think that eight Model A’s, dressed in festive colored lights passing through the entrance and paying the toll of $7.00 each would be impressive to the cashier, but all the young girl in the booth had to say was “Lights off and do not get out of your vehicle.”

After experiencing visual overload, we retraced our tire tracks back to the highway and went our separate ways with the goal of defrosting ourselves in our cozy homes after driving 30 MPH through 21 degree clear weather in our drafty cars.

At last we all arrived home with big grins on our countenances and happy dreams after a successful Model A outing. Next year will be an even bigger and better event! Let’s freeze our fingers, toes and other extremities again at the close of 2017!

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