Tatton Baird Hatters

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This month’s activity was a visit to Tatton Baird Hatters in Springville. Of course we couldn’t start at the hatters; we had to build up our strength before the visit. After all, what do we do best (besides concocting large fish tales)? Eat! We met at Joe Bandido’s for a king-sized lunch of Mexican food, then we corralled our Model A’s and paraded down Springville’s main street to Tatton Baird.

Once we arrived and staged our cars in front of the shop, we all took a photo or two… or three or four before heading inside. As usual we created quite a stir and caused a traffic jam of people and cars wanting to look at, and take pictures of the Model A’s.

Once inside, the shop was just as the pictures portray. It fit our era of history perfectly. Chandler Scott, the proprietor, gave us a tour of the building as he explained the history and process of hat making. The equipment used to make a hat was quite fascinating – not to mention how dangerous many pieces of equipment were! Not only did Chandler explain the process, but he also talked a little about how the hat was a visible description of the person wearing it. The type of hat worn was a personal statement as to the person’s personality/character. This was the case for both men and women. So a hat was a very important part of a wardrobe back then. Just as important as a cell phone is now, I guess.  At the conclusion of the tour, Chandler took a few minutes to answer any lingering questions; which were many. He had piqued the interest of several people who, afterwards, were fitted for a hat.

We want to thank everyone who participated and give a big KUDOS to Chandler Scott who took time out of his Saturday to meet with us. It was a very fascinating and interesting afternoon.

More photos can be found in the photo gallery.

For more information visit Tatton Baird.




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