2015 Christmas light tour

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I cannot think of a better way to wrap up the year and enjoy the Christmas spirit than by using our Model A’s to make things cheery and bright!

We met in Spanish Fork for our second annual Christmas light tour. Despite the frigid weather and light falling snow we had three Model A’s all decked out in lights. We started the night with a quick repair of one of Nicholas’ burned out headlights. After buttoning it back up Howard checked with everyone to make sure that we all had gas. Nicholas confirmed that between he and the car, there was plenty of gas.

We lined up the convoy and hit the road. With Nicholas in the lead we made our way through town, however as we took the first turn out of Spanish Fork Nicholas’ car started acting up. It lost power, sputtered and died. He tried to restart it and the process repeated. We pulled off to the side of the road to try and diagnose the problem. Hmmm…. maybe we are out of gas? A quick look in the tank with a flashlight confirmed an empty dry tank. Oh boy! What just happened to that full tank we had supposedly started with? Apparently when you leave your gas petcock valve open over a period of a few days with a stuck float in the carb, you run out of gas quickly!

The group waited patiently as we tried to decide how we should approach our problem. Unfortunately the rear of our convoy was unaware of the situation and were still sitting on the road. It was not long before our Christmas lights were not the only lights lighting the night. Some blue and red flashing lights had appeared out of nowhere. An officer was quick on the scene to inform us that we needed to clear the road and get this convoy moving!

Nicholas decided to stay with the car and call AAA, aka dad, for some gas. I jumped in the next available Model A with Dale and Lisa and we took the lead. We arrived at the Festival of Lights and quickly became part of the show. It was impressive and a lot of fun to see the Model A’s driving through the lights! We received honks, waves and thumbs ups as we drove through.

After touring the Festival of Lights we made our way to Salem Ponds. In an attempt to avoid having to cross traffic and get onto Hwy 6 I steered Dale towards a back road that Nicholas and I really enjoy taking. This road is a beautiful tree lined road that winds its way along the base of the ridge along the southeast end of Spanish Fork. It is a beautiful road to travel….during the day, but a terrible choice at night as it has no street lights, sorry everybody for an exciting ride!

After a short pause to let everyone catch up we made our way back into Spanish Fork. We passed by the spot where we left Nicholas, however Nicholas was no longer there. A quick phone call revealed that he had made it to the ponds and was waiting for us. We rendezvoused with Nicholas and made our way around the pond, enjoying the dazzling lights floating out on the water. It was really beautiful and seeing Model A’s trailing behind made it even more memorable.

Despite the cold and some frustration, it was a lot of fun and a great end to a great year! Next year should be even better, we may even start with a full tank of gas!

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