Manti / Rat Fink Trip – Part 2

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Saturday we started off early and awoke to a pancake breakfast prepared by the activities committee, aka Nicholas. After breakfast we made our way to the city park for the Rat Fink car show. Bill had secured us a spot in the shade and thankfully the weather held off and also provided a bit of overcast to help keep things cool. We found a couple other Model A’s at the show and even convinced some new members to join our crazy group. Clyde passed the time by fixing Carlson’s headlights and also adjusting Mack’s clutch. Karl recruited a pin striper to come and spruce up his roadster, unfortunately after leaving to get some supplies, the artist never returned. Brimley’s managed to pick up an award for their Sport Coupe and the club also earned an award for having the most club members present at the car show. We reciprocated our ‘win’ with an ahooga horn wave.

After the show we bypassed the parade down main street as time was getting short and we needed to make it to Spring City for the radio show. We stopped at a small Mexican restaurant in Ephraim on our way and when we came out from eating, we found our cars being pelted by rain and hail as they sat in the river that used to be a road. From there it got a bit chaotic as we all frantically headed different directions. Thomson’s & Carlson’s headed on to Spring City, Munson’s sought refuge in a bank drive through, shortly followed by the Mack’s. Brim headed back to the Inn and Furr’s tried waiting it out for a while but just got deeper into it as they made their way back to the Inn as well.

Eventually four cars trickled into Spring City and pulled up to the historic Victory Hall theater. Here we participated in the “Old Time” radio show Life Under The Horseshoe that is recorded live every Saturday. It features storytelling, jokes and dramas complete with custom sound effects. Our club had its first debut on the radio and announced to the nation that we are here and we are the most do-ing-ist club ever! The show was a blast and we highly encourage all to attend for a fun and unique experience.

After the show, we were dismayed to find that the rain was still coming down strong. We all know how lacking Model A windshield wipers are, as well as how lacking the headlights are. Combining the inadequacy of both can make for an exciting drive during a rainy night. Thankfully we all made it back to the Inn safely.

After letting everything dry out over night, we gathered for one last club breakfast before we packed up and headed for home. Aside from Karl realizing he had punctured a tire on his trailer after he arrived home, the return trip was fun and uneventful. A special thanks goes out to the Sanpete club members for being amazing hosts with setting everything up and taking care of all of our needs while we were there. Thanks for a great time!

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