Manti / Rat Fink Trip – Part 1

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For many Model A clubs, long distant or overnight trips might not be that big of a deal. However for our young, small but growing club, who’s events usually do not last longer than a few hours, an overnight trip is a huge deal. We decided to try our members confidence with an 80 mile trip down to Manti to join our fellow members in Sanpete county as well as check out the Rat Fink reunion and visit the historic city of Spring City.

We met in Springville Friday morning and it is just our luck that we would pick a wet weekend to go down to Sanpete county. Looking at the forecast before leaving, it did not look too promising. Rain was predicted all the way down to Santaquin and a new storm arriving in Manti at the same time we would get there. Just as the weatherman predicted, the rain opened up to blue skies as we made it to Santaquin and passed through the lavender fields of Mona. We stopped for gas and oil in Nephi and prepared ourselves for the next leg through Nephi canyon.

I never thought one would be happy to run into road construction, but the automated signaling system came in handy as it broke up the traffic and gave us some distance from the modern traffic that was speeding through the canyon. Unfortunately any distance we picked up from the construction zone was lost when the Mack’s got a flat tire coming up one of the grades. Who knew that downshifting too early at too high of a speed would cause the tire to spin on the rim and chop off the valve stem? Thanks to Clyde and his tools and Karl with his giant floor jack, our roadside seminar was a quick one and we had the spare tire on in no time. Robert would spend the next three days making a new fashion statement with his car’s three whitewalls and one black wall tire.  

Back on the road we wound our way through Fountain Green, passed Chester and Ephraim and arrived in Manti. Ron met us in Manti to guide us to our accommodations. As we headed towards Sterling, the storm we heard about earlier was right on time and starting sprinkling on us as we pulled out of town. Thankfully it was not much further to our final destination. We arrived at the Cedar Crest Inn just in time for lunch. The Sanpete group had been slaving away on it all morning, cooking up some of their famous home grown turkey in their secret marinade that can only be found in Sanpete county. It was absolutely delicious! The lunch alone was worth the trip.

After getting a tour of the place and settling in for a bit, we rounded everyone up and headed for Spring City. This city is one of only a handful where the entire town has been placed on the historic registry. Our first stop was an old stone LDS church, built in 1902. We snapped a few pictures and chatted with some of the locals before we headed on to our next stop; an old service station. Bill had worked his charm with the owner and we were able to grab some shots of our cars and even take a club photo. From there, the club was free to terrorize the community for a while. Some headed down to the cemetery to look for ancestors or famous people, while others meandered through town looking for more photo opportunities and to soak in the historic architecture. Clyde and Jenn were even able to find the original house of one of Clyde’s ancestors. The Mack’s were able to get a personal tour of Orson Hyde’s home after bribing the owners with a ride in their phaeton.

After wreaking as much havoc to the small town as we could, we headed back to Manti. We did not make it far before we ran head first into another storm and sought refuge in a tire shop owned by one of Bill’s friends. After waiting as long as we felt necessary for the storm to pass we made it back to Manti and joined the crowds at the Rat Fink museum. After perusing the museum and admiring the handiwork of the pin stripers for a while, we decided to call it a day.

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