Garage Seminar – Headlights

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Our second garage seminar was held at Clyde’s garage. Since many member’s cars do not have working headlights, we decided to spend the day helping them get their lights wired up. Due to threatening rain clouds though, Tony was the only one who showed up to receive help with his headlights. Joe, Howard and Clyde wasted no time in digging into Tony’s car while the rest of us did an outstanding job of supervising, sharing stories and admiring each others cars.

While the experts did their thing, the rest of us spent time making a new accessory for our Model A’s — bumper seats! Clyde had spent the previous day putting together kits for our seats and after a demonstration on how to assemble them, we formed an assembly line and went to work. After about 30 minutes of cutting, drilling, nailing and sanding; we fitted them with our choice of fabric. We now have some nice semi-comfy seats to sit on during car shows, or dare we say in case of a roadside seminar.

After a hard day of work we rewarded ourselves with a nice lunch at a local restaurant. While there, Howard presented the opportunity to a curious young family to hand crank his Model A. Needless to say by the time they finished, they realized how much they appreciated their electronic ignition in their modern car. All in all we had a productive and successful day and did not let the rain fall on our parade.

One comment to Garage Seminar – Headlights

  • Nicholas Mack  says:

    That was a really fun day we had a great time and I learned a lot from these great folks!

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