Drivers Education Day

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The roads of Mapleton were terrorized on Saturday, as Model A’s swarmed the roads of town. They were everywhere put-putting through town waving and honking at both pedestrians and motorists alike. We had eleven cars turn out for the event. It ranked third in participation behind the movie, and the July 24th parade.

The day started out with driver’s training. Colette reacquainted herself with the “A” she used to drive to work years ago. Elaine got behind the wheel for the first time in years, and Becky learned how to drive an “A” for the first time ever! Margaret, stretching her legs to reach the floor, learned how to operate a clutch and use a stick-shift. Others were able to go out with qualified instructors and picked up some very valuable tips on using the GAV, advance/retard lever, and shifting.

Following the driver’s ed. class we were able to test our skills in three games — the slalom, parallel parking and fishing. It was a good thing plastic cones were used for the slalom as several cars decided to check out the durability of their bumpers or tires. It is with pleasure that I report the cones were the victims in this case. As to parallel parking, it was a good thing the “stall” was marked by cones instead of automobiles, otherwise we may have had a few scraped fenders.

Everyone had a chance to check out their breaks in the fishing activity as they pulled forward and backed up each time a fish was caught and tucked away in the basket. The fisherman could move the pole up and down, but could not move it side to side. Some members learned the difference between vertical and horizontal in this activity.

Everyone had a great time trying to “best” each other, it even got quite competitive there for awhile. We finished up at Sonic where we demonstrated our expertise in eating and telling stories. Again we caused a stir with the customers there. Thanks everyone for a GREAT time! Let’s do it again soon!

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