2nd Annual Road Rally

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The 2 ½nd annual road rally had a much better attendance than our previous attempt. We would have liked to have seen a better turn-out; but we still had fun with the five Model A’s, two modern irons and eleven people who were able to enjoy each others company; and for some—misfortune.

We met at the Rock Canyon trail head where last years rally ended. After receiving instructions and a refresher on some rules, we started the clock and the cars headed off in ten minute intervals. We had a couple false starts but within a half hour everyone was on their way.

It wasn’t long before we were passing each other, criss-crossing paths and making U-turns in the Indian Hills. We dodged some deer, took the best opportunities and watched out for something blind, in the end everyone but two made it to the finish line without help.

Once we were all back together again we headed down to the Pizza Pie Cafe where we again criss-crossed paths with each other as we filled our plates with pizza and pasta. Everyone enjoyed themselves, some even learned a couple new song lyrics as well as how to follow directions!

One comment to 2nd Annual Road Rally

  • Howard Eckstein  says:

    I really like your article on the 2nd road rally. I was pleased to see that we had good participation notwithstanding the 40+ degree weather of late February. Let’s do it again next year.

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