Christmas Light Tour

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I cannot think of a better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by using our Model A to make things cheery and bright. 16 brave souls and three festively lit Model A’s faced the cold December air as we held our first annual(?) Christmas Light Tour.

We started at Shopko in Spanish Fork and took our 6 car convoy down to Salem to enjoy the lights setup on and around Salem Ponds. It was a beautiful site! Model A’s adorned in Christmas lights winding their way around the festive pond. After pausing for a few minutes for pictures, we made our way back up to Spanish Fork to enjoy the Festival of Lights. We were a little disappointed when Howard’s ‘sweet talking’ did not get us in admission free, but the workers there were sure excited to see us, and after taking a couple of pictures to post on their site, they let us enter. In hindsight, we should have charged them for the pictures to help cover our entrance fee. The lights were pretty but judging by the amount of honking, waving and thumbs ups we received, I think we were the highlight of the show!

Following the Festival of Lights, we wrapped up the evening with some chit chat and goodies from Kneaders. Be sure to put this on your calendar for next year as we all had a great time!

2 comments to Christmas Light Tour

  • Nicholas Mack  says:

    Those are some really cool pictures!! It looks cool!

  • Robert Mack  says:

    Even though we were in an open car during the tour we still had a GREAT time! We bundled up with lots of blankets, coats and gloves. We enjoyed the lights without the glare from the windows (although the condensing moisture from our breathing got in the way sometimes). We didn’t want it to end!

    All the cars ran really well, there was no worry that they would overheat!

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